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Addiction Relief Hypnosis Program

Hypnosis is a great alternative to drugs and alcohol. Paul’s 4 session substance abuse relief hypnosis program severs the substance connection and helps you start imagining and then living a healthy substance-free life.  [contact]

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Pain Management Hypnosis Program

Chronic pain management is frustrating. The stress of ineffective pain management can affect the quality of your life. Hypnotic meditation is a great pain treatment option for neuropathy pain and migraine headaches.  [contact]

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IBS Treatment Hypnosis Program

Irritable bowel syndrome has no known cause or cure. Many have symptoms of IBS with diarrhea or IBS constipation. Mainstream medicine is 25% effective while hypnotherapy is 85% effective as an IBS treatment.  [contact]

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Healthy Hypnosis TV Show
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Paul's Book

Healthy Hypnosis: The Simple Truth and Practical Use Paul explains the A-B-C’s of clinical hypnosis and offers case studies and examples of actual client sessions. This is a must read for anyone interested in this fascinating technique.
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