Hypnotherapy in Burlington, MA

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Sports Performance Hypnosis Program

Successful athletes are both prepared physically and mentally. Paul Gustafson RN CH offers a 3 session sports performance hypnosis program elevates you to the top of your game regardless of whatever sport you compete in.

Pain Management Hypnosis Program

Pain management is often frustrating. The stress of ineffective pain management affects the quality of your life. Paul Gustafson RN CH offers a 4 session pain relief hypnosis program for neuropathy, migraines, muscle, and stress related pain.

Public Speaking Hypnosis Program

35% of Americans fear public speaking. Paul Gustafson's 3 session public speaking success hypnosis program severs the speaking panic connection, and establishes a flow of confident relaxation supporting public speaking success.

Jerry’s unexpected results

A 28yo client, Jerry, had interesting results from his hypnosis experience. His primary complaint was nail biting which had been a problem for as long as he could remember. ...

A typical week

Hypnotherapy is an incredibly adaptive tool which can be used in many ways and offers relief for many of life’s daily challenges. My typical work week involves a wide array...

How do I know if I can be hypnotized?

This is the most frequently asked question from prospective clients. My typical response is that ‘if you want to be hypnotized then that’s what will happen’. We all have the...

Video: Melissa overcame stress

Melissa was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Medication helped but hypnosis enabled her to feel normal...

What Does Hypnosis Really Feel Like?

The experience of a hypnotic trance not so unusual or strange. To the contrary, it feels vaguely familiar to countless other moments in your life where you were absorbed in...

Video: ABC News highlights presurgical hypnosis

This video highlights benefit of hypnosis for a woman who needed breast...


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Paul’s Book

healthy hypnosis bookHealthy Hypnosis: The Simple Truth and Practical Use Paul explains the A-B-C’s of clinical hypnosis and offers case studies and examples of actual client sessions. This is a must read for anyone interested in this fascinating technique.