Why hypnosis is easy

by: Paul Gustafson RN CH

A client recently asked what surprises me the most about the work I do.  I figured my answer would involve one particular client but I was wrong.  What surprises me the most is how nearly every single client has a positive experience.

Especially considering that nearly everyone comes in with no previous hypnosis experience.  Not only that, but they have never met me and have never been in my office. It is also quite unusual to have a client with any previous experience with meditation or any relaxation techniques at all.

I don’t think this is specific to my practice but with hypnosis in general.  Since we all daily float in and out of a light hypnotic state in the form of zoning out or daydreaming, being guided into this familiar feeling with hypnosis is naturally easy for nearly everyone.

I tell all my clients that making the shift from conscious to subconscious, to enhance our life experience, is how we are all hardwired to operate but unfortunately this blissful, meditative oasis goes unnoticed by most.

Another reason it’s so easy for most is because of the hectic pace of day-to-day life these days.  Everyone is stressed out and overwhelmed.  Given the opportunity to hop off the grid and chill out is eagerly embraced by all.

There is one approach I take it may make it easier for most clients to get into hypnosis.  Prior to getting into the hypnosis session, I review how to do self-hypnosis, or my form of meditation.  Anyone can do this with a few mindful breaths then we seamlessly transition into that day’s session.

You might wonder if it is equally easy to get the results clients are looking for. The majority of my clients do extremely well, after 6 months 75% are still happy with results.

Three steps to success:

1) Genuinely motivated to change

2) Willing and eager to be guided into hypnosis

3) Listen to MP3 sessions daily for at least 2 months

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