First hypnosis office visit


Most of my first visit clients have been struggling for a long time and many have tried mainstream options without success. Each individual is unique, but there is a common thread, most typically feel overwhelmed, powerless or trapped.

Another newbee similarity is that not only have most never experienced hypnosis, but most have no experience with meditation or relaxing techniques of any kind. Inspite of this, the majority of my clients have a very positive hypnosis experience on the first visit.

Relief actually begins before the hypnosis session. Most clients feel better just by having someone listen to their story.  This rarely happens in mainstream healthcare. You are lucky if the practitioner even makes eye contact with you. Having someone truly listen to your problems can be therapeutic unto itself.

Explaining the hypnosis process and how to do it well plays a big part in client success. I email new clients an intro video prior to their initial office visit, which briefly explains the history and various applications of clinical hypnotherapy.  It also explains what happens on their initial visit.

Then comes the hypnosis session itself, because most clients are new to hypnosis and might be a bit anxious I first teach some simple breathing techniques which helps individuals to get into meditation on their own.

Once the client is more relaxed we then transition into the formal hypnosis session. My clients wear noise cancelling headphones and my voice is mixed with soothing music and nature sounds which enhance the experience.

My sessions usually run 16-20 minutes and about one third of that time is all about getting into deep hypnosis. I guide individuals through relaxing scenarios helping them to release outer world thoughts, which makes it easier to enter deep hypnosis. Then I offer suggestions, metaphors, and imagery supporting desired goals.

After the session I ask each client if they feel an emotional separation or distance from their problem. Most are pleasantly surprised by this freedom feeling. They recall the problem but feel emotionally free of it. They feel as though they have a choice, to move forward into the life they want to live. First visit clients are well cared for, they learn a lot, and leave the office feeling wonderful.

by: Paul Gustafson RN CH [contact]