IBS Hypnotherapy Program in Burlington, MA

Living with IBS doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on expensive medical treatments for the rest of your life. What if there was a way to put a stop to embarrassing and distressing IBS symptoms with one simple course — of hypnotherapy?

Take the plunge today – turn to Burlington Hypnosis for a solution that works. My unique approach to IBS hypnotherapy in Burlington, MA, has helped many people suffering from IBS find relief from persistent gastrointestinal distress. Because these symptoms are often triggered by stress, it’s important to practice relaxation techniques – that’s why hypnotherapy is a viable option for this and similar stress-related conditions.

An Alternative to Traditional IBS Treatments

Mainstream medicine’s approach to irritable bowel syndrome symptom treatment is purported to be around 25% effective. Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is around 85% effective. Hypnotherapy is the clear winner, but what exactly does my program entail?

By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy designs a new inner operating system that supports lasting IBS symptom relief. My four-session IBS relief hypnosis program can help relieve your symptoms and put you in control.

What Are the Facts?

Over the course of a six-year study, 71% of participants experienced immediate relief with stress relief hypnosis, and 81% were still improved years later. They sought fewer MD visits and took less medication than other IBS patients. Best of all, many of my IBS hypnosis clients see benefits for at least five years following program completion (Gonsalkorale 2003).

Included with the Program

  • Introduction to self-hypnosis
  • MP3 of each session
  • Session 1: Symptom separation creates comfortable space to heal
  • Session 2: Symptom relief offers control over how you feel
  • Session 3: Stress relief melts away anticipatory anxiety
  • Session 4: Imagining lasting symptom relief

You will receive an audio introduction prior to your first appointment, along with an MP3 of each session. You will also learn how to perform self-stress-relief hypnosis, which significantly enhances your overall chances of success. Understanding how to self-hypnotize is a useful skill to have in your toolbox, especially when it comes to IBS. Flare-ups can happen at any time, and after completing my course, you’ll be ready for them no matter where you are.

 Cost: $700

(Save $100 by paying with cash or check on initial office visit)

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Applications of Hypnotherapy Beyond IBS

In addition to relieving chronic IBS symptoms, hypnotherapy is a viable treatment option for many other conditions – both medical and habitual. What are you struggling with? Whether it’s smoking, insomnia, or fear surrounding something personal to you, I can help.

People throughout the country have sought my assistance with conquering the conditions that plague their everyday lives since 2001, and now, I’m ready to show you how I can help you start your journey. Reach out today to request more information about my program, or to learn how else hypnotherapy can improve your life.

Contact me today to find out more about my approach to IBS hypnotherapy and purchase your program. I work with patients throughout the country from my Burlington, Massachusetts, location.

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Disclaimer: This program is not a substitute for medical care. If you feel you need medical assistance please contact your primary care physician.

Paul Gustafson RN CH

paul gustafsonA Boston area Hypnotherapist, with 10 years of medical experience as an RN, Paul has been helping clients since 2001 to overcome everyday challenges. Read more
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