Stress Management Hypnosis Program

Ongoing anxiety, fear and stress can significantly affect the quality of life. This 3 session stress busting hypnosis program helps you take control by simply relaxing. Paul has been helping his clients with hypnosis since 2001. [contact]

Paul brings 10 years as a registered nurse into his work as a consulting hypnotist. His stress management hypnosis program relieves panic attacks, stress and anxiety symptoms, and offers relief that lasts.

Hypnotic meditation helps create a new thinking style, releasing irrational anxiety and fear and creating a new confidently calm way of dealing with day-to-day life.

“Thank-you for showing me how to deal with my panic attacks. After years of pills I now know how to relieve stress and fear on my own.” (B.H. Stoneham, MA)

Program includes:

  • Introduction to self-hypnosis
  • Audio of each session
  • Session 1: Learning to release stressful past
  • Session 2: Purging leftover emotional burdens
  • Session 3: Dialing in confidence to succeed

Clients receive an audio introduction to hypnosis prior to initial appointment and an audio of each session for home reinforcement. Clients also learn how to do self-hypnosis which significantly enhances the overall effect of this program.

In-office Program: $450

Save $50 ($400) by paying with cash or check on initial office visit

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Program Introduction:

Disclaimer: This program is not a substitute for medical care. If you feel you need medical assistance please contact your primary care physician.