Virtual Gastric Band Session 4: Up the confidence

By the time clients reach the fourth virtual gastric band weight loss hypnosis session they have severed the connection to past unhealthy choices and the emotional, mindless connection to nutrition. They have also experienced imaginary gastric band surgery and had their gastric band adjusted.

Session four supports a shift in food affinities; being drawn to healthy options, eagerly seeking them out. It talks about being aware of how you feel as you eat, concluding mealtime when comfortable not full. This session also suggests that mealtime be an uninterrupted endeavor; no texting, twitter, or television.

Lastly, session four amplifies the client’s confidence to succeed with their weight loss goal. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that can enhance motivation, desire, and the anticipation of weight loss success. After years, or decades of struggle, feeling confidently excited about living a trim healthy life is a welcome change.

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